Varese and Lago Maggiore

From the Hotel Cavalieri della Corona it is easy to reach Varese and Lake Maggiore, ideal destinations for excursions in discovering its wonderful surroundings.


The Sacro Monte di Varese

Literally the “Sacred Mount of Varese”, it is a rare e precious gem nestled in greenery, a Holy Road with stops in 14 chapels, an open-air theatre where spirituality communicates through art in an ancient language, able to bring man closer to God. A climb towards a sanctuary and a small town, where the magic of the landscape makes it seem as if time has stopped.

Located approximately 33 km from the hotel.


The city of Varese

Lively and sparkling, Varese shows signs of a glorious past. Ancient market place, populated by churches and workshops, it offers the visitor the surprise and wonder of areas which open up unexpectedly in the narrow and old streets of the town: majestic buildings, incredibly beautiful parks, courtyards and monasteries, precious jewels of art jealously hidden inside unsuspecting buildings. A continuous surprise, a world to be discovered and enjoyed, a journey through time, a continual succession of emotions!

Located approximately 23 km from the hotel.


The Santuario della Beata Vergine dei Miracoli

The Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Miracles is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most elegant and significant religious buildings of the entire province. A true treasure of Lombard Renaissance able to deeply move the visitor for its beauty and the incredible harmony in its forms. A legendary monument which holds artistic works of priceless value, such as the masterpieces by Bernardino Luini and the wonderful and triumphant fresco, Concert of Angels, by Gaudenzio Ferrari.

Located approximately 30 km from the hotel.


Castiglione Olona

The Island of Tuscany in Lombardy is an artistic jewel, a surprise for the visitor for its past as well as for its present. Its noble past has made it a bastion of culture surrounded by the greenery of the Olona valley. The elegant buildings tell the story of an atmosphere of courtly life through the gentleness of the Tuscan colours and the sweetness of the faces by Masolino da Panicale. The style of great artists intertwine to create a unique masterpiece of priceless value.

Located approximately 20 km from the hotel.


 The Volandia Park and Museum of Flight

The structure was built in 2005 in the historical Officine Aeronautiche Caproni founded in 1910 and adjacent to the Milan Malpensa Airport in the Somma Lombardo area. The visit to Volandia provides an interesting and fascinating journey inside the history of world aviation associated to some legendary companies in the Varese territory: Caproni, Augusta, Aermacchi, SIAI-Marchetti. A flight, even if with feet planted firmly on the ground, through 7 theme areas which begin from the origins of the history of flight to modern aeroplanes and the fun is guaranteed thanks to the flight simulators, the planetarium, the numerous models, the video footage and the café, the restaurant and the Volandia Store.

Located approximately 6 km from the hotel.


Castelseprio, Torba and Santa Maria Foris Portas

Nestled in the greenery of the centuries-old woods, they give testimony to the pomp and power of ancient civilisations, a county with borders so vast and with such a glorious past that for years it was considered a legend. The silence of nature allows the numerous architectural relics to tell of the grandeur of Castrum: castle towers, mighty defensive walls, ancient basilicas, the ruins of military buildings and a cycle of frescos based on the apocryphal gospel which arouses the curiosity of scholars from all over the world.

Located approximately 13 km from the hotel.


The Cairate Monastery

One of the most mysterious and fascinating locations of the entire province, its interesting history is deeply rooted in the legend which attributes its founding to a powerful Lombard noblewoman: Manigunda. A site that includes testimony of distant eras which reveal themselves in a surprising manner through a backwards journey in history. The church is rich in artistic treasures, among which a beautiful fresco by Aurelio Luini, the cloister has perfect elegance and proportions and each corner of this place is able to embrace the visitor in a spiral of religion and mysticism.

Located approximately 12 km from the hotel.


The Visconti Castle of San Vito

An ancient bastion of the city built in a strategic position to defend the Mediolanum border on the Strona torrent. Its origins are very ancient and date back to the Ninth century. The Castle is important testimony to the presence of one of the most powerful families of the area, the Viscontis, whose will it was that it be a defensive stronghold on the border with the Dukedom of Milan. An impressive construction, at one time equipped with a moat and drawbridges, of which some traces remain, providing all with the impression of the fascinating medieval atmosphere, with its elegantly furnished and painted interiors.

Located approximately 10 km from the hotel. 



The MAGA in Gallarate holds more than 5000 works among paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, ceramics, artist books, multimedia pieces, photographs, design objects and graphic artworks, which offer the visitors a rich and articulate view of the tendencies which livened the national artistic scene from the mid-Twentieth century to present day. The museum, flagship for the province of Varese, is additionally the site of numerous temporary exhibits of high significance and grandeur.

Located approximately 4 km from the hotel.   


The Borromean Islands

The archipelago of the Isole Borromee, which can be found in the centre of Lake Maggiore, is made up of three islands, an islet and a rock. The Borromeo family became the owner of the islands in the Sixteenth century and began to transform them. Buildings, architecture, gardens with spectacular coloured flowers characterise the archipelago, a much loved destination by tourists from all over the world.

Located approximately 60 km from the hotel. 


The Rocca d’Angera

Powerful and majestic, from the top of a high ground, the grandeur of a gulf dominates and keeps the unknown secrets of this land, half way between the sky and the water. It represents the courageous and intrepid soul of the people of the lake and of the powerful families who ruled over these lands.

Located approximately 37 km from the hotel.


The Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso

A sight of magnificent beauty, set between the rock and the water, in a space which seems to be suspended in the air, it represents the most important essence and religious centre of the province of Verbania. An ancient structure where church and monastery, courtyards and porticos provide unique views and many artistic jewels: architecture, painting and nature come together in a harmony of rare and precious shapes.

Located approximately 39 km from the hotel.